Cause and effect …….

Cause and effect …….

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Someone asked me this week ‘what do you think is having such an impact on your results?’

In that moment I stood not sure what to say, now don’t get me wrong I KNOW that anything shrinking or in the case of my lung tumour disappearing is all down to the POWER of my God. He has never left my side, failed me or abandoned me and He wouldn’t start now. However I do also believe that there is a place for health remedies and the fabulous NHS. God has placed doctors, nurses and fabulous people in my path to help me through this with their knowledge and wisdom. They know their medical facts. (Not the truth but a lot of good stuff!)

I replied good food research, health remedies, chemotherapy and a lot of PRAYER.

Which leads me to where I am today with my thoughts, I went to a prayer meeting last night and really felt the power of God in that room. I don’t often do gushing God posts but this is one.

I have been blown away by the amount of people praying for me at the moment, from New Zealand, Africa, Spain and France to right here on my door step of the UK! How incredible that we can stand together in everything that we face in this life with others half way round the world! What a blessing and privilege to share life with people who want to see Gods miracles ripple across this world never mind their home cities!

I am so amazed that their prayer continues, that they offer up their words to God to see my miracle come to fruition! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it is such a boost and you are amazing for adding me into your prayers!

My verse for today

Prayers are powerful because they are filled with truth from the word. They allow us to have a constant relationship with our Heavenly Father who just wants he best for his children. He is a good God, nothing bad including sickness can come from him because He is only good.

Moving forward I think when someone asks me that question again my reply needs to start with FAITH, pure and simple my FAITH And that of others is what is making this huge difference to my walk through cancer to the other side. 🙏🏻💙

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