Positive !

Positive !

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People keep telling me that I am so positive about things and I am never quite sure how to respond.. I can say that I don’t feel like that every day and some days I have to work hard at it.
The thing is with being positive; it is a choice. We have the freedom to choose how we approach something. Now don’t get me wrong I have days just like everyone else where our stresses and problems seem like this huge weight on your shoulders and we just can’t shift it, and so it effects our mood too.
But being given the freedom to choose how we face those things in front of us, is something that I wouldn’t swop for anything.
It allows me to FIGHT and to make sure that each day, regardless of how I feel, I am standing steadfast in the promises that are given to me.
How amazing that I get to choose how I want to deal with something!
And every time I choose FAITH over fear, HOPE over worry and BELIEF over doubt.

It’s not always easy but it is definitely worth it. Plus through GRACE it’s a free gift!

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