Nothing to fear …..

Nothing to fear …..

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My pump

So this is my pump… (it’s a balloon in a plastic tube! Love my stylish bag for it though!)

I realised the other day that some may not know what the treatment I am currently having looks like or contains! To be fair I had no idea, even working in cancer charities as I have for the last 5 years what chemotherapy involved!
I am currently on three drugs in each cycle, an immunotherapy drug, 5 FU and irinotecan. The fulfury one (5fu) is a drug that needs to be administer over a period of 46 hours following the 2 hours I have at the cancer centre. It needs to be done like this as it can do more harm if given too quickly.

Now I could moan about the side effects of these drugs (which aren’t many for me) however they are helping with a lot of prayer to fight this thing and to get rid of it for me! Therefore I’m not dwelling on that, I need it and it is doing its job. When the nurses ask me how I am finding them I simply say I love the four hours of reading I get once a week in peace and quiet!

Someone in the chemo unit was having a little moan last week about how annoying the pump can be to have attached to you for 46 hours, but to me it doesn’t stop me from doing anything, (ok things can be trickier!) it is a necessity and I am so blessed to be able to get this treatment on the NHS and in complete comfort! It’s become my little side kick in this fight and man am I fighting!

Now don’t get me wrong some times it’s ok to have a little moan or feel a bit discouraged. Sometimes I get bogged down in thoughts of; I have no idea what these drugs are doing to me long term or if they will continue to be as effective as they are currently being.

HOWEVER One thing I am confident of, is that I know that I have NOTHING to fear.

Nothing to fear and a fighting attitude, now imagine what could be accomplished if we took up that sword of CONFIDENT FAITH, put down our woe is me attitude and kicked some butt! We would be limitless in our adventure through this life, NOTHING would slow us down if only we could see that bigger glorious picture that is planned out for us.

Have a good week everyone!

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