In a storm …….

In a storm …….

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Today I really feel that I am meant to be learning about praise. Praising God in hard times can be difficult, it’s not easy when you are in a storm with waves raging around you & you feel like you want to see an outcome immediately.
But my God doesn’t always work like that, sometimes He does things in His timing. That isn’t always easy to stomach but it isn’t ours to question either. Why would I question the God who created me perfectly and sees the bigger picture. I don’t know the people He might get me to meet or talk too in the time that I am going through this and just maybe there is someone down the road that may really need a small word of support.

So in all of this, raising praise to our God is a different way to approach this but today He has definitely taught me to sing out my praise to Him, it lifts Him up and gives Him the glory! I get excited to be able to praise Him, He is in all of this and I love being able to sing it out… It makes me happy and my spirit gets a real boost to sing words that are loaded with so much power.

“This is how I fight my battles! It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by you.” 🎼🙏🏻

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