A little wobble …….

A little wobble …….

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Every time I have a wobble or feel a little unsettled I am reminded of this!
Today I saw a consultant who wasn’t sure I should have been prescribed the face cream that I am currently on. As you all know the tablets I have been having didn’t do much and this new cream means my girls can kiss or touch my face without me being in pain. It isn’t sore when I do yoga, and it doesn’t hurt when I smile. If I had had this same consultant two weeks ago I may not have had the cream I had. Now consultants are just being cautious and I understand and thank them for that.

….However I believe God saw my pain and gave me a consultant who wanted to try something and I praise the Lord that he did! There are no coincidences with God just lots of God incidences! Whoo hoo 🙏🏻😘 sorry lots of posts tonight! #sorrynotsorry

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