In awe …..

In awe …..

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When I started this journey there was so much to take in and different things that may help. It’s been so interesting to explore new things but ultimately to start thinking about my body and the amazing creation that it is. HE made me so fearfully and wonderfully!

My body is taking a huge beating in all of this, from dry skin, cracking finger tips, a sore face and multiple mouth ulcers! Sometimes it is drained but most of the time it just keeps going fighting off this imposter in my body.

And I am so in awe of his creation!

When you are fighting something like this it is important to take care of what God created. So I am doing all I can.
I have turmeric tablets that aid in a healthy body. Bitter apricot kernels, are great at fighting this thing off they taste disgusting and they do have some bits that aren’t great but taken in small quantities they are ok.
The honey to aid my immune system (was on This Morning, and I love that doctor on there) it seems to be working as haven’t missed a chemo session yet! Countless smoothies full of fruit, spinach and good stuff, some taste good others not so much.
Then there are the broccoli seeds that have the best bits of the alkaline stuff to provide an environment that cancer can’t grow in.
And the trampette helps me to clear those pesky lymph nodes that need to sort themselves out.
My next step is alkaline water – if I make an environment in there that it can’t survive in it’s giving my body the best opportunity to kill what shouldn’t be there.

IAll in all my body is amazing, even with the bits that shouldn’t now be on there and for that I have my God to thank! HE created me perfectly and HE will finish the great works that he has started in me! All of the above helps but PRAYER and total FAITH in him will see me come out the other side. 🙏🏻💙🎉

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