David and Goliath ……..

David and Goliath ……..

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There aren’t many times I let these side effects get to me but last night I can honestly say I was exhausted so a 8pm bedtime beckoned and I took it!
I must admit I don’t have a massive problem with chemo, it’s a necessity and it’s making this thing go so I figure may as well just get on with it. I also get a good three hours a week of quiet reading time so who can complain at that with three children who keep you on the go!
I think what makes my chemo sessions even more interesting is the people I am meeting, the last few times I have met someone just embarking on this journey and looking terrified. I’m not sure I was as terrified but I think the fear of not knowing what you will feel like at the end of the cycle often adds to this fear. I have loved chatting to people and hopefully helping to put their mind at ease.
There really is nothing to fear of chemo, you manage the side effects and aim to not let them take on a mind of their own by bringing you down in your spirit. I don’t really think too much of what these horrible chemicals are doing to my body as they may be nasty but they need to be to destroy that bigger mountain of tumours.

It’s a little like David and Goliath! We all know how that story ended!
When you think of it like that and consider all the words in the bible, ‘faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain’ it doesn’t matter how little that chemo may be because it’s often the little things that make the biggest impact!

Davids and GoliathMy faith is huge, with that and a little chemo (for as long as it’s needed) I know that this thing is totally beat able! In fact it doesn’t stand a chance against the POWER and MIGHT of my God! 💙👍🏻🙏🏻

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