And so it begins ……

And so it begins ……

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Since all this started people keep saying I need to write things down. My story. I’m not sure much of what I have to say will be interesting to all but I do know that I am seeing little God instances all the time.
So before I start with those let me also say that I will unashamedly be talking about my walk with God throughout this journey because without Him it would be a battle without hope and I can tell you now that would  be one scary path! 
I, however, don’t have to experience that because like my own Dad I have a father in heaven that would move mountains to heal me. With God NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE! 

In the beginning He wanted to teach me about sitting in the boat with the waves crashing around me… I remember sitting at traffic lights and Him shouting at me to stop sitting and to get out of the boat. I have read the story in Matthew and always understood that to walk on the water would require a huge amount of FAITH. That is what he was calling me to do, and the first lesson in all of this has been about expanding my faith. So that is what I have tried to do and by resting in His word (reading my bible) I have finally taken the step and leg lift needed to get out of MY boat and am walking in COMPLETE faith on water! 

My first story of seeing God move in this situation has to be my two fabulous friends I made in September at a baby group when unbeknownst to me I would be meeting them in a very different environment. These two lovely ladies do an amazing job as chemo nurses for me when I am in for treatment. They were placed in that baby group so that God knew I would have friendly faces looking after me in 8 months time when I needed it! HIS provision is amazing and so much better than my forward planning! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’™ #seeingGodgobeforeus #livinginfaith

One thought on “And so it begins ……

  1. Yesterday (April 19, 2022) I read about you in an online news article. I know you’ve already passed, but I feel blessed to have found your blog and I look forward to reading it. I can already feel inspiration from your words on this first post you made so long ago. Thank you for the time you took to write and for sharing your experiences. πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ™

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